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We know from our global research that most people rate “coaching and developing others” among the top three most important leadership competencies. For many of us, the word coach evokes images of a hulking figure in a sweatshirt, blowing a whistle and giving directions to a more or less compliant group of players. But a genuine coach has a far more interesting and refined role than giving orders. Practicing coaching is a challenge. Without practice, there is no transformation. Good coaches can improve the quality of work life for individuals and help people succeed & exceed. Know how the ET Promising Entrepreneur-Ms. Pushpi Singh, MD Finorbit Global has created Wealth Coach Program for aspiring Coaches.

Performer on Stage
Ms. Pushpi Singh

The Wealth Coach Program will develop all the skills at a very PRACTICAL LEVEL based on years of experience of Ms. Pushpi Singh so that you may make a career in this Industry with ongoing increase in learning graph.

Whether you are a practicing coach and wish to expand your practice to include Corporations, Executives, and Business Leaders, an individual who wants to start a global career in corporate coaching, or a current corporate professional seeking to coach within your own organization, this program is designed for you. So join us now and launch your national coaching career in the corporate world!

Whether you’re a founder trying to scale your start-up or an executive managing a rapidly growing organization or division of your company, this course will equip you with new, often counterintuitive, insights to achieve organizational success at scale.