Financial Literacy leads to Financial Freedom.

Wealth Coach Program will answer few questions about Financial Counselling

  • What it is?

  • How important it is?

  • Why it is Important?

  • How is it done?

  • What benefits shall I get…

    • As an Individual

    • As a Coach


Whether you are a practicing coach and wish to expand your practice to  include Corporations, Executives, and Business Leaders, an individual  who wants to start a global career in corporate coaching, or a current  corporate professional seeking to coach within your own organization, this  program is designed for you. So join us now and launch your international  coaching career in the corporate world! 


Over a series of 6 week module, it prepares you to deal with volatile group dynamics across various aspects of personal coaching and mentoring. Here, the International Wealth Coaches will personally take up the sessions and you may access the same by becoming part of the world from the comfort of weekend sessions.This program will develop all the skills at a very PRACTICAL LEVEL based on years of experience of Ms. Pushpi Singh so that you may make a career in this Industry with ongoing increase in learning graph.


" If you think money can’t buy happiness, you are not spending it right."


With our step by step Wealth Coach Program you can be among the one who shall Financially Liberate others and create awareness campaigns for Formulating Financial Freedom. Start your Entrepreneurial journey as Finorbit Global Wealth Coach.

About YOU..!

YOU are already an amazing coach..!

Now it’s time to become an irreplaceable one



I want U to take our help and use our platform to develop &/or enhance your skills towards

Formulating Financial Freedom

To find out whether the Wealth Coach Program from Finorbit Global is right for YOU,   write to us with your Profile/Resume to or 

Let’s take your career to the next level..!


 Identifying and understanding your skill strengths and the areas where you need improvement

Applying the lessons you have learned from past experiences to new situations



Maintaining your skill levels by practicing what you have learned

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